Best California Urban Clothing By Wave Pro

Be on the lookout for impressive urban street wear by WavePro coming in November of 2022. We all know that Urban Clothing is not just t-shirts, hoodies and baggie jeans, but an expression of your inner core and how you speak to the world through your fashion.Our collection will include unisex t-shirts for men and women, accessories and so much more. If you have been looking for urban clothing in California, then you have found the right place.

Our shop also offers hair accessories such as our best durags for waves and stylish designer bonnets to get those waves while you sleep and provide moisture to help keep your hair healthy. All durags are hand-washable and made with the highest quality fabric.  Durags and bonnets have a satin inner lining with a breathable outer layer that provides moisture to your hair as you sleep. We have the best durags for waves!

We also offer the perfect brush for waves that comes with a long handle and medium bristles to offer the perfect grip.